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VERITAS EVERNIA LenormandVERITAS EVERNIA Symbol CardWelcome to VERITAS EVERNIA ("blossoming truth").

VERITAS EVERNIA cards are exceptional: Event though they have rounded down corners they are postcard sized! The identical backsides can be written on and used as greeting cards.

The complete card deck postcard size comes with an extra folder with detailed information on reading the cards.

NEW: Veritas Evernia Lenormand cards are also avaiable in playing card size 59 mm x 91 mm!

Just one card, but plenty of possibilities.

You may order complete card decks - or just single cards postcard sized! Learn more about the special value of VERITAS EVERNIA: One card, many options.

Link: Also avaiable: Symbol Cards

Link: More info: The idea & the artist | Reading Lenormand Cards