Fortune telling cards with motives after Lenormand

Der Klee

The idea for VERITAS EVERNIA is based on the desire of a fortune teller to have her very own and personal purpose-made cards. They were supposed to match her own karma, as well as the universal standards, and should be seen as a practical guide for present and future behavior.

Live guidance or decision guidance, psychoanalysis, regulative system, eye of the inner soul or simply counseling interview this could all be synonyms for VERITAS EVERNIA, because every single card aims at a special and important aspect of our daily life.

One could say that the actually unlimited variety of our personal existence has been reduced to a very careful selection of 36 significant aspects. And with this limited number every individual person can easily get down to the essentials and distinguish between wise and unwise.

In reports, based on experience, the fortune teller Andrea Seifert has made it clear again and again that card reading and foreboding are first of all about helping people to find the right way. Regarding this aspect, the Lenormand-motives have been reinterpreted and modernized by the artist Künstlerin Heike Grüning.

Cartomancy decks, art postcards, collector's cards, gifts

Instead of adorning only a tiny card deck, the cards of VERITAS EVERNIA Lenormand display their effect in postcard size. Card-reading becomes an aesthetic pleasure which is not limited to miniature-size. It would really be a shame, to only be able to spot the artistic motives through a microscope.

Another reason for the choice of this format is the artist’s daughters’ passion for postcards: as artistically designed single cards the VERITAS EVERNIA cards are perfect for postal greetings. Someone who appreciates the connotation of image and word might also want to frame them.

The single cards definitively don’t have to vanish in a box in the closet after having been used: sometimes the single motives fit a certain situation in life so well that it might be inspiring to put the card on the pin board or the fridge, or to mail it to a close person to encourage, please and comfort them.

The complete deck with 36 cards and a supplementary text is a nice idea for a gift. Not to forget: The card deck comes in a limited edition which makes it the perfect collector's cards.