Fortune Telling with Lenormand Cards

History of Lenormand

Marie-Anne-Adelaide Le Normand, the Sybille of Paris, was born on 27.05.1772 in Alençon and died on 25.06.1843 in Paris, where to this day her grave is always bedecked with the most beautiful fresh flowers.

She is most probably renowned because of the following extraordinary circumstances: She was smart and interested multisided, amongst other things in social and political events in Europe and throughout the world.

She was hardworking by all means and very innovative with her enterprise. She not only further developed her card systems all the time; she also qualified in other fortune telling techniques, wrote books and cultivated a lively correspondence by letter with high-ranking personalities.

Following from this is the third fact: She had very influential friends, like the empress Josephine, Napoleon’s wife, with whom she was connected by more than just regular fortune-telling.

And she was an excellent fortune teller! Not only did she predict to the future king of Naples, General Murat, his death by execution, she also predicted Bonaparte his rise to the omnipotent monarch.

Lenormand laying system

The original reading –system of Mademoiselle Le Normand is in fact an extremely complicated system with 14 different games. Today the deck with 54 cards and the mythological symbols is still available.

These systems are certainly even more adequate to advice a single person in a very special and profound way, but they demand a very extensive knowledge and experienced intuition. All the geometrical shapes, data and mythological background have to be put in the right constellation. This asks for an expert with specific skills.

VERITAS EVERNIA offers a simplified version. This does not mean that the truth is restrained; only the possibilities of reading are more straightforward. And for this reason we think our card deck is very convenient for first-time users. The following tips and interpretation assistance should help some more.