The artist of the card motives

About the creation of motifs

The task of designing these cards was something completely new and fascinating for me. On the one hand, the specific symbols were given; on the other hand, there was the chance to be completely creative.

In the beginning I was unfamiliar with the Lenormand motives and had little background knowledge. That is why I started to see the motives as objects in the pictures. The bear for one was this grand and imposing animal, no more and no less.

When I slowly, and out of pure curiosity, started to deal deeply with the real meaning of the motives, the design with regards to the content was more and more influenced by the thought of combining content and form. That way they would do justice to the many different chances life has to offer in different situations.
Depending on how the cards are placed, a different option of reading results of it. And they can be interpreted even more distinguished with the help of rich imagery. So that is how I picked a fish, which in real life is carefully protecting his children from danger in his mouth, to symbolize that you should be thoughtful, when it comes to money and possession.

When the card with the birds shows how the titmouse and the siskin are being threatened by the jaybird and even these two smaller ones turn backs on each other, I want to convey the impression of disagreement and conflict and the danger, which comes out of it. And also that this danger is omnipresent and can hit us fast and cold, when we are occupied with ourselves too much.

I went exceptionally far with the symbol of the coffin. Whenever this card comes on the table, everybody is horrified and sees death in it, but this is wrong. What it actually means is drastic change- dangerous, yes, but not necessarily fatal. And that is why I chose this old gate as a new symbol. It is up to us now to decide if we want to pass it, and thereby accept what will come, or if we have the courage to walk through it, and try out different ways. If the card with the paths was placed close now, the decision for something new would already be approved of. There is also the cuckoo, who lays its eggs in other birds’ nests. A stranger’s problems we are supposed to hatch out?! My intention here was to point out that it would be good to try to get to the bottom of some of our severe problems.

If you want to give away or send the motives, you will find not only obvious, but also hidden details, which apply to many occasions and circumstances and which can tell the receiver much more, than just a superficial picture could. In the card, that symbolizes the child, you can see a bird’s nest in the tree right above the little girl- a symbol for beginning and birth. And next to the bench is a bowl with apples, which are supposed to emphasize freshness and health.

I don’t want to spoil your fun reading the cards on your own, by giving away too much information at this point. For me a picture consists of three levels: the original idea, what really becomes of the idea and what the beholder brings to the interpretation of the picture from his/her own world. Having said this, I am looking forward to meeting you here.

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