Symbol-Cards for fortune-telling

Complete and combine your VERITAS EVERNIA Lenormand cards with inspiring symbol cards - or find innovative and personal ways of interpretation with our brand new symbol cards on their own:

Rich of ancient knowledge, symbols of mankind connect to new threads of life and reveal surprising and astonishing points of view to everyday occurrences, things thought lost or appear problematic.

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There are twelve cards named after the months of the calendar year. Similar to the stellar constellation, every month stands for its special strengths and weaknesses and thus for current tendencies in the life of The Woman or The Man. In relation to the person, these twelve cards/months complete the picture of a whole (calendar) year.

These twelve cards are completed by the person card (The Feminine and the Masculine Principle) and three “direction cards”: The Turn of the Year, The Summer Solstice and The Winter Solstice.

  • Self-discovery
  • Guidance
  • Art of Living

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Symbol card set

The complete Symbol Card set offers an explanatory text with detailed information (in English).

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Laying example of the symbol cards

First you place the person card in the middle.

Then you start laying four more symbol cards clockwise to the left, here July, February, April and finally January.

To the right and left of the card of persons are the WEGWEISER, which describe the current situation of the person and the resulting information, in our example thus July and April, which show among other things that at the moment between various opportunities to protect or secure his family, job or property. One fluctuates from overconfidence to despair and vice versa, so that rather fear and insecurity are promoted, instead of Security and safety. Therefore one should reflect, pause, carefully consider and then decide and act.

January is here the WARNING, which is always below the person card. In this case it might be advisable to make a physical change - sport, meditation, nutrition? - in order to be able to use the creative forces revealed about the person in the GLÜCKSKARTE also physically optimally.

This laying pattern can be nicely supplemented with further symbol cards or the Lenormand cards.

Laying example [PDF]