VERITAS EVERNIA: Lenormand Cards

Below you can get an overview of the complete, limited edition card deck in playing card size 59 x 91 mm. The complete deck can be ordered at this website.

Card motives VERITAS EVERNIA Lenormand cards

1. Der Reiter 2. Der Klee 3. Das Schiff

4. Das Haus 5. Der Baum 6. Die Wolken

7. Die Schlangen 8. Der Sarg9. Die Blumen

10. Die Sense 11. Die Ruten 12. Die Vögel

13. Das Kind 14. Der Fuchs 15. Der Bär

16. Die Sterne 17. Die Störche 18. Der Hund

19. Der Turm 20. Der Garten 21. Der Berg

22. Die Wege 23. Die Mäuse 24. Das Herz

25. Die Ringe 26. Das Buch 27. Der Brief

28. Der Herr 29. Die Dame 30. Die Lilien

31. Die Sonne 32. Der Mond 33. Der Schlüssel

34. Die Fische 35. Der Anker 36. Das Kreuz

backside of the cards:

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Link: The Artist

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The Idea

The idea for VERITAS EVERNIA is based on the desire of a fortune teller to have her very own and personal purpose-made cards. They were supposed to match her own karma, as well as the universal standards, and should be seen as a practical guide for present and future behavior.

Live guidance or decision guidance, psychoanalysis, regulative system, eye of the inner soul or simply counseling interview - this could all be synonyms for VERITAS EVERNIA, because every single card aims at a special and important aspect of our daily life.

One could say that the actually unlimited variety of our personal existence has been reduced to a very careful selection of 36 significant aspects. And with this limited number every individual person can easily get down to the essentials and distinguish between wise and unwise.

In reports, based on experience, the fortune teller Andrea Seifert has made it clear again and again that card reading and foreboding are first of all about helping people to find the right way. Regarding this aspect, the Lenormand-motives have been reinterpreted and modernized by the artist Heike Grüning. 

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The Artist

The task of designing these cards was something completely new and fascinating for me. On the one hand, the specific symbols were given; on the other hand, there was the chance to be completely creative.

In the beginning I was unfamiliar with the Lenormand motives and had little background knowledge. That is why I started to see the motives as objects in the pictures. The bear for one was this grand and imposing animal, no more and no less.

When I slowly, and out of pure curiosity, started to deal deeply with the real meaning of the motives, the design with regards to the content was more and more influenced by the thought of combining content and form. That way they would do justice to the many different chances life has to offer in different situations.
Depending on how the cards are placed, a different option of reading results of it. And they can be interpreted even more distinguished with the help of rich imagery. So that is how I picked a fish, which in real life is carefully protecting his children from danger in his mouth, to symbolize that you should be thoughtful, when it comes to money and possession.

When the card with the birds shows how the titmouse and the siskin are being threatened by the jaybird and even these two smaller ones turn backs on each other, I want to convey the impression of disagreement and conflict and the danger, which comes out of it. And also that this danger is omnipresent and can hit us fast and cold, when we are occupied with ourselves too much.

I went exceptionally far with the symbol of the coffin. Whenever this card comes on the table, everybody is horrified and sees death in it, but this is wrong. What it actually means is drastic change- dangerous, yes, but not necessarily fatal. And that is why I chose this old gate as a new symbol. It is up to us now to decide if we want to pass it, and thereby accept what will come, or if we have the courage to walk through it, and try out different ways. If the card with the paths was placed close now, the decision for something new would already be approved of. There is also the cuckoo, who lays its eggs in other birds’ nests. A stranger’s problems we are supposed to hatch out?! My intention here was to point out that it would be good to try to get to the bottom of some of our severe problems.

If you want to give away or send the motives, you will find not only obvious, but also hidden details, which apply to many occasions and circumstances and which can tell the receiver much more, than just a superficial picture could. In the card, that symbolizes the child, you can see a bird’s nest in the tree right above the little girl- a symbol for beginning and birth. And next to the bench is a bowl with apples, which are supposed to emphasize freshness and health.

I don’t want to spoil your fun reading the cards on your own, by giving away too much information at this point. For me a picture consists of three levels: the original idea, what really becomes of the idea and what the beholder brings to the interpretation of the picture from his/her own world. Having said this, I am looking forward to meeting you here.

Link: website of the artist

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One card, many options

Special sized cartomancy deck: Instead of adorning only a tiny card deck, the cards of VERITAS EVERNIA Lenormand display their effect in postcard size. Card-reading becomes an aesthetic pleasure which is not limited to miniature-size. It would really be a shame, to only be able to spot the artistic motives through a microscope.

Postcard: Another reason for the choice of this format is the artist’s daughters’ passion for postcards: as artistically designed single cards the VERITAS EVERNIA cards are perfect for postal greetings. Someone who appreciates the connotation of image and word might also want to frame them.
The single cards definitively don’t have to vanish in a box in the closet after having been used: sometimes the single motives fit a certain situation in life so well that it might be inspiring to put the card on the pin board or the fridge, or to mail it to a close person to encourage, please and comfort them.

Gift and Collector's Cards: The complete deck with 36 cards and a supplementary text is a nice idea for a gift. Not to forget: The card deck comes in a limited edition which makes it the perfect collector's cards.

Link: ordering in online-shop

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VERITAS EVERNIA and Lenormand Card Reading

You want to use the complete deck of VERITAS EVERNIA for reading the cards and interpreting them? We have some interesting background information for you on this site.

Find out more about Link: the history of Lenormand and get useful instructions on Link: how to handle and read the card spread. In addition you can learn more about connotation, time-reference and astrological correlation by studying our Link: summary of the characteristics of every single card motif.

Good luck and enjoy yourself with reading VERITAS EVERNIA cards!

History of Lenormand

Marie-Anne-Adelaide Le Normand, the Sybille of Paris, was born on 27.05.1772 in Alençon and died on 25.06.1843 in Paris, where to this day her grave is always bedecked with the most beautiful fresh flowers.

She is most probably renowned because of the following extraordinary circumstances: She was smart and interested multisided, amongst other things in social and political events in Europe and throughout the world.

She was hardworking by all means and very innovative with her enterprise. She not only further developed her card systems all the time; she also qualified in other fortune telling techniques, wrote books and cultivated a lively correspondence by letter with high-ranking personalities.

Following from this is the third fact: She had very influential friends, like the empress Josephine, Napoleon’s wife, with whom she was connected by more than just regular fortune-telling.
And she was an excellent fortune teller! Not only did she predict to the future king of Naples, General Murat, his death by execution, she also predicted Bonaparte his rise to the omnipotent monarch.

The original reading –system of Mademoiselle Le Normand is in fact an extremely complicated system with 14 different games. Today the deck with 54 cards and the mythological symbols is still available.

These systems are certainly even more adequate to advice a single person in a very special and profound way, but they demand a very extensive knowledge and experienced intuition. All the geometrical shapes, data and mythological background have to be put in the right constellation.   This asks for an expert with specific skills.

VERITAS EVERNIA offers a simplified version. This does not mean that the truth is restrained; only the possibilities of reading are more straightforward. And for this reason we think our card deck is very convenient for first-time users. The following tips and interpretation assistance should help some more.

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Card Spread and Reading

As all cards interact with each other, the meaning of a single card comes with the meaning of the cards lying next to it. E.g. when next to the horseman the clover may indicate that a possibly new beginning is fortune favoured. But when both cards, the horseman and the cloves, are lying next to the (dark) clouds you may expect drawbacks and problems.

When reading the cards we recommend to trust your own impressions, thoughts and emotions while looking upon the spread and contemplating its meaning. Just as many medicinal herbs - as long as you allow them - suddenly come into the garden of just the person that needs them the single cards "find each other" for the overall picture and the cards significant for your life may "find you".

Also, always look for the positive aspects. For example the crossroads implicate the meaning of "methods to solve a problem" even though the card might be situated in an ominous card spread.

Ethical responsibilty also drew me, the artist, to change the motif of the coffin into the gate. The gate symbolizes a sharp change: Opening it and entering a new "room", a new way of life, can be difficult, but hope remains it's worth the effort.

Especially when reading cards for others you should keep in mind that your counterpart is surely not expecting bad news but assistance, clarification, advise, help!

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Character of the cards, time-reference, astrological constellation

Our folder that comes with the complete card deck offers you more information about the meaning of every single card.

  1. The Horseman: fast; skilled; athletic; physically mobile; rather male; Mercury
  2. The Clover: modest, brief every day–luck; well-being; Sagittarius
  3. The Ship: wanderlust; longing; longsome enterprise with the prospect of benefit; independence; multicultural; 9th House
  4. The House: family; home; planning for a longer period of time; security; 4th House
  5. The Tree: concern about own health within the rhythm of a year; bond with nature; consistency; Virgo
  6. The Clouds: hope and warning at the same time; changing; showing tendencies; Neptune
  7. The Snakes: detours and implications which delay; hardworking but conniving woman; warning; gut instinct; Scorpio
  8. The Gate (Formerly: The Coffin): overcoming of a crisis or fear; hope; religious; 8th House
  9. The Bouquet: spring and summer; joy and friends; likable woman; Jupiter
  10. The Scythe: surprising danger (the Scythe’s peak points at it); tedious effort; Chiron
  11. The Whip: conflicts; injustice; Lilith
  12. The Birds: disturbance; endless talking; gossip; spontaneous behavior; Uranus
  13. The Child: new start; innocent; in need of help; young person/teenager; 5th House
  14. The Fox: finesse; inconvenient point in time; people, who cannot be trusted; but also good intuition; Pluto
  15. The Bear: power and steadiness for about 20 years; power to spare; person offering help; 1st House
  16. The Stars: improvement; luck; clarity; Aquarius
  17. The Storks: change; flexibility; be open for something new; Aries
  18. The Dog: everlasting loyalty and friendship; alertness; 11th House
  19. The Tower: egoism; recklessness; abuse of authority; no outside help in sight; Saturn
  20. The Garden: creativity; sociability; the special; 10th House
  21. The Mountain: strong inner and outer obstacles; Capricorn
  22. The Crossroads: enjoyed decision-making; variety of methods; Libra
  23. The Mice: loss of time; weakening of surrounding statements; discontent; 2nd House
  24. The Heart: faithfulness; love; harmony; 7th House
  25. The Rings: close bond, lasting for 7 years; Taurus
  26. The Book: mysterious future; education; intelligence; Pisce
  27. The Letter: brief communication; exchange of information; 3rd House
  28. The Gentleman (The Man): male seeker of cards; Mars
  29. The Lady (The Woman): female seeker of cards; Venus
  30. The Lilies: wintry purity; peace; good will; sexuality; Moon
  31. The Sun: optimism; strength; radiant; male; Leo
  32. The Moon: intuition; alternating; sensitive; female; Cancer
  33. The Key: independence; security; Sun
  34. The Fish: materialism; sense of business; Gemini
  35. The Anchor: well confirmed, but not 100%; diligence; one-sidedness, but as well consistency; 6th House
  36. The Cross: fate; inevitable event; predestined incident; 12th House

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